Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Dintech Chemical Co., Ltd. is a research, manufacturing company, we are mainly engaged in the field of chemicals, research & development and manufacturing of special intermediate. With the helps of large-scale groups and company and fully taking our advantages on business channel and experience, Dintech has experienced great development and has got great successes in lots of fields, such as fine chemicals, dyes and pharmaceutical intermediate, agrochemicals intermediate, pigment, optical brightener, fire retardants, photoinitiator, liquid crystal, etc; moreover, according to your demands, we also have ability to provide custom service for you, including lab synthesis, pilot experiment to industrialized manufacture. We are striving to keeping innovation and expanding our market share; at the same time, Dintech sincerely hopes to provide you quality product and excellent service through .?

Let's work together for a brilliant future.
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